Current Wine List 

2020 Estate Blanc Du Bois; Full Bodied dry white wine with a floral bouquet and hints of stone fruits.

2020 Estate Blanc Du Bois; Semi-Sweet white wine with a floral bouquet and hints of stone fruits.

Dolcetto Semi-Sweet Rose; Semi-sweet rose that is fruity and fun.  Great for sipping on a warm day. 

Broken Bridge Semi – Sweet Red Blend ; Well balance, smooth, fruity red wine. Easy drinker!

Sweet Moscato; Sweet fruity wine made with Muscat Canelli Grapes. Has notes of Pineapple and other tropical fruits. Great for sipping on the dock.

Malbec; Full-bodied, dry red wine grown in Texas High Plains. This wine is unfiltered, meaty and fruit forward.

Rosemary Plum; Off dry and savory plum tart with lots of rosemary and woody notes.

Champagne, Privilege Blanc de Blancs; Brut Champagne, from France that is great for toasting or sipping with brunch.

Gryphon Mead; Blueberry and Traditional

Peachy Delight Peach Moscato – Sweet and floral with peach overtones. Flavored with real peach juice!

Hop of the Vines to You Hoppy Moscato– In the Keg; It’s wine that tastes like an IPA Beer. Great for non-wine drinkers or someone looking for something different.

In the tank:

Pear Wine – November 2021

Blanc Du Bois Estate wine – December 2021

Vanilla Blood Orange – January 2022

Lenoir – Bottled Dry – March 2022