Current Wine List 

Riesling; Dry with notes of lemon and herbs. Would pair well with salads, fish, light pastas and fun summer nights.

2021 Estate Blanc Du Bois; Semi-Sweet white wine with a floral bouquet and hints of stone fruits.

Spiced Apple Wine; 100% Apple Juice spiced with mulling spices.

Jack & April Semi – Sweet Red Blend; Fruity on the front and smoky on the back. Made with Black Spanish and Tempranillo.

Blueberry: 100% blueberry juice. This is a light bodied off dry red.

Black Spanish: This is a fruit forward dry red wine.

In the Tank:

Blanc Du Bois Estate Wine 2022 – July 2023

Dandelion – March 2023

Strawberry Jalapeno – September 2023

Black Spanish Rose – March 2023

Black Spanish 2022: Summer 2023

Pino Noir: December 2023


Tasting $8

Glass $8

Bottles $25