6 years in! May 26, 2022

We closed on the property six years ago today. We started this journey six years ago today. It’s wild!

Every year on May 26 we reflect on the progress we have made, how the path has changed and the lists of things that still need to be done. We are constantly trying to grow, build and learn on the farm, vineyard and winery. This year was marked by many achievements, milestones, life changes and happy times!

We produced almost 700 gallons of wine this year in 30 to 100 gallon batches! The vineyard yielded 1200 lbs of Blanc Du Bois grapes, in what was our most difficult growing year so far! We paved the pavilion, making it a lovely space for parties, weddings and events. Three baby calves were born: Pier Noel, Blanc du Black & Ferdinand. Our second son, Mateo Brooks Santana, was born! One cabin was completed and is being prepared to rent. We sponsored and coached a T-Ball team. The list actually goes on!! Suffice to say this was a great year!!

We look forward to serving you and our community for another year. Thank you for all your support!

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