Winter is here – November – December 2020

Our first frost came early this year, starting the process of dormancy in the vines. They have browned and are on their way to losing all their leaves. Covid requirements have remained the same and haven’t really effected us, since we are primarily outdoor anyway. We have added some new animals to the farm! The Guineas are supposed to be for pest control in the vineyard, but they are also super fun to watch! Bonnie & Clyde are our two peacocks. Both are growing their colors in nicely!

We celebrated our One Year Anniversary on December 12th! What a fun day!! We had our first grape stomp and live music! Thanks for everyone that came out for the festivities!

We have started turning some of our wine into jellies. We started with the Strawberry Jalapeno and it was delicious! As I write this we have two jars left. Next we will be using some of our Rose to do the same thing. We currently have three wines in the tank; A Dolcetto Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon, and a Rosemary Plum. Let us know what we should start next!!

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