January Covid Blues

We just received news that Polk County has gone past the threshold for Covid 19 hospitalizations. Therefore all bars and bar like establishments must close again. We are very lucky, in that we already did some permit changes last time. Meaning we ultimately do not have to close, but we do need the weekend to prepare. So this weekend will have pick-up sales only. Starting January 16 there will be a mandatory food purchase with any on-premise consumption. On-premise consumption included tastings, glasses of wine and bottles opened on the property. Jams, Pickles, candy and other snacks as well as Charcuterie boards, cheese plates, queso and spinach dip will be available. We apologize for any inconvenience, but this is the only legal way we can remain open.

In better news we are going to bottle our new Semi-sweet red blend, Broken Bridge this weekend! Silver lining?

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