The Great East TX Freeze – 2021

The freeze of 2021 was certainly a scary few days for all of East Texas, us included.  It was yet another bruise on a wreck of a year since March 2020!  We initially thought everything was fine in the vineyard since we didn’t have a large accumulation of ice and so we did not have any breakage due to ice.  We also didn’t have any animal loss, like so many did, which was such a blessing.  But once mid-March got here and we still had brown barren vines with no buds, we started to get very worried! Thank the good Lord that grapes are hardy, practically weed like plants.  About a month behind the norm we started to see little tiny buds.  We ended up only having two vines with actual damage.  We feel both lucky and blessed because so many families and colleagues lost so much.  As of now we have lots of flowers, so harvest should not be too badly affected, just pushed back about a month.   

February 2021
April 2021

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