5 Years in – May 2021

Every year on May 26, our closing day anniversary, we reflect on the year that has past and the plan for the future. The past year has certainly had its hardships, both for the farm and our community. But even with the hurdles we are content with where we are 5 years into this venture. The vines are thick and filled with berry clusters. While harvest will likely be at least three weeks later this year than most, we do believe it will be big. We are excited to see how the later harvest and stressful start to the season influences the flavor profile of the harvest.

Plans for this year: Get Cabins and Outdoor kitchen & lounge area completed and ready to be rented. A wedding Gazebo that will ne ready for Spring 2022 weddings in the vineyard. A new crush pad where we can more efficiently destem and press grapes and other fruits for wine.

Come check out our progress this year!

This is what 15 inches of rain in a month does!
Cabins: Available for rent November 2021

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