Four Years Strong – May 26

May 26 is a day we celebrate every year.  The day we closed on our land and started making our dream become a reality. We have worked very hard on this project, but sometimes its hard for us to see.  When we look out, we just see what still needs to be done.  So on May 26, we sit and look through all the photos that have been taken over the years.  The progress and growth is just amazing!

Left: 2020 (top) 2016 (bottom)                                     Right: 2020 (top) 2018 (bottom)

The Times of Covid: March – May 2020

This has been a very difficult time for everyone in our community and state.  It has been scary not knowing what will happen and worrying about the health of people we love. As you know we have been closed due to Covid since March 16, 2020. We are very lucky and blessed to have other jobs with a guaranteed salary, unlike many small business owners, laborers and people that got furloughed. Still, we have been stalled in completing many of the upgrades and projects that we were planning to have complete by summer 2020, only a couple of short weeks away. We have been using this “extra” time at home though to work diligently in the grapes and spending quality time with Max (our baby).  As you can see they are flourishing in all the attention.

We are opening in a limited capacity May 16, 2020.  All outdoor seating.  The grounds and pavilion will be open and allows for plenty of room to stay 6 ft apart.  Bottle service only.  We are not able to give tastings at this time. No parties larger than 8.

We hope all of you are safe and healthy and that we can all overcome and get back to normal as soon as possible!

2020 -February Feelings of Love

We have had a great start to 2020!  In January, community members came out to help us prune the vines.  It was a super fun day!

In February we held our first pairing event, Cupcake Wine Pairing, for Valentines Day.  We had event more people than we anticipated.  The cupcakes, from Champagne Cakery, were delicious!!  It’s the first of many pairings.  Thank you for all the community support so far.  We have definitely felt the love!!