Hot Summer Days – July 2019

In July we were so honored to be featured in the Summer Issue of the East Texan Magazine!  Thank you so much for all the support you have us so far!  We can not wait to open our doors in such a great place: Livingston & Polk County! We finished the deck on the front of the tasting room.  It’s ready for some front porch sipping!  Harvest is right around the corner at all the local Vineyards, so be on the lookout if you want to be a part of one.  IMG_2726



Busy Days of June – June 2019

We are finally out of school and get to be here all day every day.  It’s hard work, but brings so much pride and happiness. It has been a busy month already! One of our longhorns, Nina, calved her second calf Santa Maria.   She’s precious and spunky! The vines are growing SO much everyday that we can barely keep up.  We also added two horses to our little herd, Princess Buttercup & Princess Sophia.  The tasting room had been put on hold for a while due to planting and then us moving, but we are back to construction.  The deck will be up by the end of the weekend then on to the inside and finishing touches.

May Memories – May 2019

May has brought a lot of growth to the vines! They are flourishing in the hot, sunny, Spring weather. All that new growth means pruning!  We (Max always wants to help) are out pruning at least three days a week.  We are not harvesting this year in order to give the vines another year of root and trunk development.  The longer you wait the stronger your vines are.  We prune off all the little clusters, but sometimes we miss one and they have a chance to develop a little further.  It’s always fun to find  cute little hidden cluster while working.

April Showers – April 2019

This has been a BIG month! We moved to the farm, from Houston, to be here full time.  We originally didn’t plan on moving up for at least two more years, but more attention needed to be dedicated to the grapes and we genuinely love it here!  Moving has demanded much of our attention, but everything is green and growing nicely.  We also welcomed our new bull calf, Domino.  img_1690img_1751

March Madness

Planting Madness that is!  All the new vines are in.  It was hard work, but it’s so rewarding to watch them grow and bloom. The older vines are starting to pop out with the little taste of Spring they got over the past week as well.  Tasting room was put on hold for planting, but is coming along.  Keep checking back for updates and Grand Opening dates. IMG_1353.jpgIMG_1391.jpg