October 2020 – Getting Ready to Fall into Wine

We are happy to announce that we are back open as a Winery again! While closed we tried to catch up on some projects and did a ton (3 tons actually) of work! We filled in the pavilion, added lights and put in a large 10×60 deck overlooking the vineyard. Right now it has seating for 44 people with even more possible.

The 2020 Blanc Du Bois is fermenting nicely. Bottling is tentatively scheduled for late November. The goal is to have it available before Thanksgiving. We will be splitting the finished product into a dry and semi sweet. We are so excited!! We also have been working on a few other small batch wines that will be available by the Christmas season; the Strawberry Jalapeño (can you say yummy?!?) and a Cabernet Sauvignon (100 gallons).

September 2020 – Now Open!!

We are so happy to be open again!! TABC has allowed wineries, breweries, and distilleries to essentially turn into a restaurant. We jumped at the opportunity! So we are now allowed to be open at 75% capacity, just like a restaurant. We have added some new menu items in order to keep our percentages at less than 51% alcohol. We will continue to add new items and specials every weekend. While a food purchase is not mandatory, it is highly suggested. Keeping our ratios correct is the only way we can remain open. Thanks for all your support.

August 2020: Getting Creative

We certainly thought this second shut down would be over by now! We have had to get creative to bring fun things to our community while still abiding by the Governor’s order. We have continued with our second quarterly specialty small batch wine – Strawberry Fields Forever. We have also introduced To-go tasting flights with tasting notes! They are so cute and fun!! We have also been going to the Farmer’s Market @ Yellow Cottage Farm on Saturday mornings 10am-2pm.

Things are not even close to perfect, but we will make it. I feel for all the small businesses, wineries and others, that will not survive the shut down this time.

Find us on Saturdays at Yellow Cottage Farm from 10am-2pm


Wineries, Breweries, and Distillery tasting rooms are a vibrant part of the TX economy and tourism industry. While we wholeheartedly support keeping people safe, we also support small business and TX agriculture. Wineries are the picture of the American Dream blending small business, agriculture and artisan craft wines and this shut down is going to kill many of them. Support your favorite wineries and other small businesses throughout this time of hardship!


July Harvest 2020

July started with our largest harvest yet! With the help of a couple of friends we harvested 1871 lbs from four rows of our Blanc Du Bois grapes!! It was sad that we could not have our harvest festival and grape stomp, but the grapes look great. We will reschedule the festival and grape stomp when we are allowed to open back up.

Just under a ton of Blanc Du Bois in our 2020 Harvest!

June was Great…and then GA 28

We had amazing community support during the six weeks we were able to reopen! Thank you all so much!! Unfortunately, as many of you already know, due to Governor Abbott’s executive order GA 28 we are ordered to close our doors again as of 6/26. We have no idea when we will be open again.

When/If we are able to open we will continue to take precautions against Covid 19 in order to keep our customers and family safe and healthy.

We will be:

  • Only seating outdoor spaces (you may bring chairs or blankets)
  • Continue to use disposable glassware (you may bring your own wine glasses)
  • Employees will me wearing masks
  • Customers encouraged to wear masks while purchasing wine in the tasting room
  • All food will be served in disposable containers
  • Social distancing will be employed (easy to do in our large outside space!)
  • Adhere to all CDC recommendations for sanitizing spaces before and after use, including restrooms and the POS system
  • No parties greater than 10
We had a great turnout for our Father’s Day meat and wine pairing!

Four Years Strong – May 26

May 26 is a day we celebrate every year.  The day we closed on our land and started making our dream become a reality. We have worked very hard on this project, but sometimes its hard for us to see.  When we look out, we just see what still needs to be done.  So on May 26, we sit and look through all the photos that have been taken over the years.  The progress and growth is just amazing!

Left: 2020 (top) 2016 (bottom)                                     Right: 2020 (top) 2018 (bottom)

The Times of Covid: March – May 2020

This has been a very difficult time for everyone in our community and state.  It has been scary not knowing what will happen and worrying about the health of people we love. As you know we have been closed due to Covid since March 16, 2020. We are very lucky and blessed to have other jobs with a guaranteed salary, unlike many small business owners, laborers and people that got furloughed. Still, we have been stalled in completing many of the upgrades and projects that we were planning to have complete by summer 2020, only a couple of short weeks away. We have been using this “extra” time at home though to work diligently in the grapes and spending quality time with Max (our baby).  As you can see they are flourishing in all the attention.

We are opening in a limited capacity May 16, 2020.  All outdoor seating.  The grounds and pavilion will be open and allows for plenty of room to stay 6 ft apart.  Bottle service only.  We are not able to give tastings at this time. No parties larger than 8.

We hope all of you are safe and healthy and that we can all overcome and get back to normal as soon as possible!

2020 -February Feelings of Love

We have had a great start to 2020!  In January, community members came out to help us prune the vines.  It was a super fun day!

In February we held our first pairing event, Cupcake Wine Pairing, for Valentines Day.  We had event more people than we anticipated.  The cupcakes, from Champagne Cakery, were delicious!!  It’s the first of many pairings.  Thank you for all the community support so far.  We have definitely felt the love!!