May Memories – May 2019

May has brought a lot of growth to the vines! They are flourishing in the hot, sunny, Spring weather. All that new growth means pruning!  We (Max always wants to help) are out pruning at least three days a week.  We are not harvesting this year in order to give the vines another year of root and trunk development.  The longer you wait the stronger your vines are.  We prune off all the little clusters, but sometimes we miss one and they have a chance to develop a little further.  It’s always fun to find  cute little hidden cluster while working.

April Showers – April 2019

This has been a BIG month! We moved to the farm, from Houston, to be here full time.  We originally didn’t plan on moving up for at least two more years, but more attention needed to be dedicated to the grapes and we genuinely love it here!  Moving has demanded much of our attention, but everything is green and growing nicely.  We also welcomed our new bull calf, Domino.  img_1690img_1751

March Madness

Planting Madness that is!  All the new vines are in.  It was hard work, but it’s so rewarding to watch them grow and bloom. The older vines are starting to pop out with the little taste of Spring they got over the past week as well.  Tasting room was put on hold for planting, but is coming along.  Keep checking back for updates and Grand Opening dates. IMG_1353.jpgIMG_1391.jpg

New Year’s News – January 2019

We are well on our way to opening day!  The outside of the tasting room is done and plumbing is installed.  We are currently working on finishing up the inside of the tasting room and giving everything a paint job.  We have started getting quite a few inquiries about the winery opening and venue rentals, which warms our heart!  Keep checking back for an official opening date in March and feel free to email any questions. IMG_1009.PNG

Thankful in November 2018

We are thankful to have received our winery permit from TABC this month!  We are even closer to opening and providing Livingston and East Texas with all their TX wines. Remember to buy local and support small businesses this holiday season.  Small businesses are the bread and butter of the American Dream. It’s easy to succumb to the ease of Amazon, but take the extra time to share an experience with your loved ones, explore our great state and support the little guys.  There are lots of TX vineyards and wineries around the state for you to try! Map of TX wineries

From our family to yours have a great Thanksgiving! img_0042